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​​In cooperation with international and regional organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union, we implement a variety of time-bound projects with clear strategic objectives. These initiatives have been carefully designed to align with our organisation's objectives, while contributing significantly to global strategies including the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Youth Strategy which aims to empower young people globally, and EU policies on social inclusion, digital education and youth employment. Through these partnerships, we aim not only to achieve our organization's goals but also to play a key role in the broader international effort to promote sustainable growth, youth empowerment, and community development. Our commitment extends to fostering an inclusive, educated, and digitally connected global society that prioritizes the well-being and potential of its youth.

Pathway to Civic Participation

About AOD

A strategic project supported by the European Union's Erasmum program to build the capacity of youth organizations in the field of civic education and empowerment in the field of multilateral negotiations in order to help young people develop their social and life skills to participate meaningfully in civil society. This project responds to the needs of youth organizations for competencies and effective tools to train young people to become agents of positive change in society through participation in civic life. The project aims to create a comprehensive civic empowerment program that truly responds to the needs of local youth and drives positive change in areas such as democracy, climate change, justice and human rights. The project also aims to build new empowerment paths, accelerate civic participation and civic education, and apply innovative methods and tools to bridge participation gaps and help communities keep pace with the rapid global changes that affect the local community.

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