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AOD is, as its name is implying, an organisation with members. Persons, with any nationality and at any age above 18 years old, who are interested in becoming part of the AOD's cosmopolitan network and who are willing to support the international ideals as set out in the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are cordially invited to apply for one of the AOD memberships. Our members come from across the globe and from diverse backgrounds. Their contributions and participation play an integral role in working towards our vision for proactively shaping and impacting the global future. To make this possible, each membership comes at a small fee to support the activities of the organization. The minimum age for obtaining the membership is 21 years for natural individuals, and one year for non-natural persons. The membership is valid for 5 years for natural persons and for 3 years for non-natural persons.

The first category is granted for 100 euros to individuals between the ages of 21and 30.

The second category is awarded for 200 euros to individuals over 30 years old.

The third category is for non-persons and is granted for 500 euros to civil, social and development organizations and associations, as well as institutions and companies of a societal and developmental character. ​Each membership is valid lifelong after paying the full fee once!

The Membership includes the following benefits:

- Get an electronic membership certificate to add to your CV;

- Join and participate in all AOD's clubs and open events;

- Join  a local team to assist our events in your community;
- Invitations to all events and activities of AOD;

- Invitation to participate in events with limited spaces;

- Invitations to events and conferences organized by our partners;

- Reduced participation in other chargeable events;

- Priority selection for open positions at our association;

- Possibility to acquire extra certificates at regular project participation;

- The right to publish your academic papers with us;

-  Get Reference and recommendation letters for your applications;

- Earn a reliable partner for your organization.

The membership is valid for 5 years for natural persons and for 3 years for non-natural persons.

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