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Fellowship Scholarship Program of AOD

برنامج المنحة الدراسية للزمالة البحثية من AOD

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Registration for the fellowship is closed now!

The Diplomacy and International Relations Fellowship Scholarship for junior and newcomer scholars and researchers aims to foster Youth workers and researchers interested in pursuing international careers by equipping them with the skills necessary to achieve this. An essential component of the Fellowship relies on attaching the selected Fellows to other accepted peers from the middle east diaspora in the areas of development, peace, and security to help them cooperate in researching and analysing to encourage the dissemination and exchange of ideas on these issues. The program seeks to contribute to building academic expertise in diplomacy, international relations, peace, and security that is grounded in the pursuit of excellence and integrity. This fellowship lasts for 12 months and it is a long-distance training program - delivered fully online.    It consists of a part-time research study (10 hours in the month) as well as online teaching sessions, presentations, simulation seminars, and discussions on diplomacy, peace, international relations, and security, delivered in Arabic by a network of renowned scholars on these issues. You can complete the Fellowship at a very low cost, but with high and outstanding results.

The duration and teaching method:

The fellowship spans 12 months of distance training and research - it is entirely online. And it needs about 10 hours a month.

The language of the program:

The entire program is presented and conducted in Arabic - with a few very simple English words.

The structure of the program: 

The program consists of 1. Watching pre-recorded lectures, 2. Undertaking direct online discussions with other participants on Zoom and Skype, 3. Submission of short researches and position papers, 4. Conducting video presentations, 5. Reading texts and suggested articles.

Requirements to successfully complete the Fellowship:

1. Watching all recorded lectures (each lecture is an hour and a half, and the total number of lectures is 10). Each lecture ends by asking a question from the lecturer about the topic of the lecture.

2. The participant must write a position paper for each topic of the lectures in order to answer the question posed at the end of the lecture. The position paper is one paper only, not exceeding 500 words, in which the participant presents his/her opinion, position, arguments, and vision in response to the question posed in light of the content of the lecture.


> The lecture link is sent at the beginning of each month to the participants, and time is given until the end of the month to view the lecture and send the position paper via email.

>  At the end of the program, the participant must have watched all 10 lectures and send 10 position papers on time.


3. Each participant must submit 3 research papers on 3 different topics. Each research paper should consist of 5 to 10 pages and that the participating researcher takes into account the methodologies and ethics of scientific research.

A research paper is submitted every 4 months.

From the first of January to the end of April: the first research paper

From the first of May to the end of August: the second research paper.

From the first of September to the end of December: the third research paper.


>  Discussing, proposing, and selecting research topics in advance with the administration of the fellowship program before the beginning of the research and writing.

4. Completing one of the free online courses that will be provided through the program administration.

5. Choose one of the suggested texts (texts are between 30 and 40 pages) and write a two-page summary for that text.

6. Recording a 5-minute video presentation on a specific topic to be agreed upon with the program manager in advance.


>  A comprehensive work schedule will be sent with all requirements and deadlines for each assignment.

Who can participate?

- You are at least 18 years old,

- You can speak and write in Arabic,

- You already finished your university studies or still pursuing it now,

- You are interested in the work of international organizations and NGOs,

- You are interested in joining the public affairs and diplomatic work.


- After your successful participation in the fellowship, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation and the program's specializations. You will also be awarded the title of a "Contributing Researcher". You will receive an electronic certificate and also the original certificate printed by Mail courier post service. The Certificate will be stamped and signed by AOD Advisory Board members.

Click here to see an example of the Certificate!


The actual cost for the fellowship program is 1500 Euros. But thanks to our wide network of partners and sponsors, we offer you this valuable opportunity at a very low cost, suitable for students and citizens of countries with limited opportunities.


Seats for participation in the fellowship will be awarded in the form of various scholarships:

Full scholarship: You can apply for the full scholarship and pay the administrative fee of 100 Euros only - 30 seats are available.

Semi-Full Scholarship: You can apply for the Semi-Full Fellowship and pay 150 Euros only - 30 seats are available.

Partial Scholarship: Can apply for a partial fellowship and pay 200 Euros only - 20 seats are available.

Self-funded: You can apply for a self-funded fellowship opportunity and pay the full fee of 1500 Euros  - 20 seats are available.

> All full fees payment must be paid in one installment and in what is equivalent to the local currency of your country through a bank transfer or a post-transfer!

> Scholarships are awarded based on your correct, accurate, and truthful submitted data in the registration form and based on your CV and depending on the available seats to each country and based on the decision of the organisation's board of directors.


> All participants get the membership of the Arab Organisation of Diplomacy for the year 2021 for free!

Registration for the fellowship is closed now!

“The key to resolving international conflict with a positive outcome includes looking for a win-win situation, finding common ground, formulating proactive strategies, using effective negotiation and communication, and appreciating cultural differences.” - Amit Ray

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