The driving force behind company formation and the innovation process is the entrepreneurial act. Emerging companies can implement very efficiently but also established companies are challenged to rediscover themselves through innovation.

The goal of our teaching programs is to present the students with first-class knowledge in the areas entrepreneurship and innovation. In our research we work on open problems of the entrepreneurship and innovation areas.

Both in research and teaching, we orientate ourselves towards leading international universities and business schools and work closely with international business as well as research partners.

we make sure that we convey the content of the teaching on the basis of real projects. Parallel to the classical lectures, the students are therefore working on practical questions concerning innovation management and business start-ups in the project seminars. This approach allows the theoretical foundation to be internalized and implemented practically.


How does E&I Hub work?

Each session has two parts.

First part is for 45 minutes where we invite a successful start-up to present itself and how did they achieve their goal.

Second part is a lab for 3 hours to introduce what is social entrepreneurship and innovation and give some examples. Then we show the participants how to design a social Enterprise and ask the present people to form groups and work and brainstorm together on Flipcharts. At the end every group will pitch their idea and hear the feedback from the other groups. The second part is 3 steps Ideas for Change, Creating Impact and Social Business Lab. This part is designed with Impact Canvas.