How does the language cafe work?

At each table a different language is spoken. The language offer is different every time and depends on volunteers who offer their native languages. It's mostly about conversation and the language levels are very different. If special languages are desired, this may be arranged.


How can you participate?

Interested people register themselves in advance with the language they are looking for to practice!

Advanced or native language speakers they can contact us and offer their ability to lead a table. This helps us with the coordination. To lead a table, no prior knowledge is needed! The task is to guide the conversation and to motivate the people around the table to speak and correct them to teach them something new.


We as a centre will contact people who study foreign languages and are advanced and ask them to be volunteers. Depending on the available volunteers and their languages skills we will announce the possible tables for every week, so interested people can apply.

Top languages:  High Classical Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

The volunteers who offer their languages skills will be given one-year free membership of AFPRIA.